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Job opportunities

Pursue a career as a “hybrid” manager with three Master’s degrees at the intersection of Information Systems (IS) and business functions – all within an international business context. 

The IMMIT program offers many great future career opportunities. Students pursue a career in many different roles and positions. Some of the positions our students have are listed below:


Not only the positions vary, there are also a lot of different companies students chose to work for. We see a clear divide between students that pursue a career in the Services/Industry as consultants or end up working for various other companies to perform IT related tasks. A few companies are listed below.

Quick numbers about the program

  • 73% of our students are (very) satisfied with their choice to study IMMIT.
  • Employers value our students.
  • 88% of our students find a job on their level within 1.4 months.
  • 100% of our students find a job on their level within 6 months.
  • High demand; relatively high start salary (€3.258,- p/m for alumni based in The Netherlands – 2021).

 These numbers are based on independent research conducted by Elsevier, for more information about this research click here


In semester 4 students engage in the dual process of crafting their scientific theses alongside gaining practical experience through company internships. To illustrate this collaborative endeavor, we offer examples of theses authored by accomplished IMMIT alumni.


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