Student Life

Meet the students

Clara Noudogbessi
IMMIT student

"This program has taught me to adapt quickly to different cultures, to adapt to different points of view not only on business and IT, but also on international differences. It has given me the opportunity to fully develop professionally and personally."

Lisa Janssen
IMMIT student

"During IMMIT I have met many people from different nationalities. Besides studying, I always had people around me and I participated in many events and activities organized by various organizations. I have defenitely made some friends for life, from all over the world."

Meet the alumnus

Testimonal by alumnus Mia Paul

Mia followed the IMMIT program after graduating from the University of Turku with a major in information systems. Currently, Mia works as an Azure Sales Specialist at Microsoft in Finland. When talking about the student life over the two-year period, "chaotic beauty" is how she describes it. Mia talks about the fact that you will live and study with people from different nationalities and cultures, and you will have to come out of your comfort zone in order to fully experience this. Since IMMIT students study in a relatively small cohort, each cohort tend to form a close group that sticks together.
Next to having good communication with all peers and considering them as close friends, Mia explains that there is also close contact with all the staff members and teachers involved in the program. These people are very enthusiastic about the program, and will give you the feeling that anything is possible with IMMIT.
Mia Paul
IMMIT Class of 2021

Student life on campus

In each university, there are certain staff members responsible and involved in the IMMIT program, and they can assist students with their administrative tasks, but can also guide you and explain what more there is to do on campus. 

Furthermore, each university has their own certain study associations that (international) students can join. These associations organize mainly formal events related to the field of study, but from time to time there are also informal activities, events and parties. 

    • IAE Aix-Marseille Université: BDE
    • University of Turku: Tuky
    • Tilburg University: Asset|SBIT
  • Student life off campus

Next to studying, student life is also extremely important, especially when moving to a country other than your home country. In all three cities, there is a lively and active student life, and there are many organizations to encourage this way of living. 

The most known international student organization is Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is active in Aix-en-Provence, Turku and Tilburg, and brings international students together and organizes both formal and informal activities for its members. Next to that, they also provide funding and possible grants for students studying in another country in Europe. 

Sport activities 

As for the sport enthusiasts, in each city there are many sports associations that students can join. Depending on the sport, there are usually practices and games weekly or monthly, and most of the time there is a large range of experience levels. 

    • Aix-en-Provence. The university supports different team sports and activities. More information can be found here.
    • Turku. Here you can join Campus Sport for a low price of €49 per semester (five months) and €75 per academic year (10 months). With Campus Sport, you can use various gyms in and around Turku, and sign up for teamsports and/or other classes.
    • Tilburg, you can join the Tilburg University Sports Centre for a low price of  €107,95 for six months, or €144,95 for twelve months. With the Sports Centre, you can go to the gym (close to the Tilburg University campus), and participate in various teamsports and/or other classes.