Program overview

Here you can find an overview of our program, spread over the four semesters. You can also see which courses you can follow at each university, and details about the internship and thesis which leads to the fulfilment of the program.

Semester 1
Fall term - Year 1
AIX-Marseille University- Management and International Business

Compulsory courses: 

  • Elective courses:
    • Introduction to International Business
    • International Trade
    • Project Management
    • Creativity builds Business
    • Digital Business Models
    • Business and Law
    • Personal Leadership (or how to work better with others and take control of your life)
    • Building High Performance Teams
    • Intercultural Management
Semester 2
Spring term - Year 1
Semester 3
Fall term - Year 2
Semester 4
Spring term - Year 2
Internship & MSc. Thesis

The fourth semester of the IMMIT program includes:

    • An internship in an internationally operating company. This internship could be anywhere in the world and gives you fast track career opportunities.
    • A MSc. thesis (30 ECTS in total).

Meet the program staff

When you pursue your IMMIT degree you will be taught by a team of lecturers with different, but excellent academic backgrounds from all over the world. These lecturers from different universities will guide you in becoming ‘hybrid’ managers at the intersection of Information Systems and business functions. You can see a few of our staff members below. You can press every staff member’s picture to access their personal page.

IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management

Dean Antonin Ricard                        Prof. Dr. Jocelyn Husser               Prof. Dr. Patrick Rousseau

University of Turku

Prof. Dr. Hannu Salmela    Dr. Eija Koskivaara            Dr. Timo Leino                    Dr. Farhan Ahmad

Tilburg University

Prof. Dr. Anne-Francoise                   Dr. Emiel Caron                                Dr. Hans Weigand                      Rutkowski   

Supporting staff

Vesna Nedimović –                            bc. Hülya Koçak –                             Fréderic Tonton –                Managing Coordinator                     Education Coordinator                    Education Coordinator