Thesis Camille Jennepin

Abstract: Organizational Sensemaking is still a hot topic for IS research field. This approach enables IS researchers to highlight the undergoing social and cognitive processes which an IS project goes through, and the way construction of meanings from these complex situations are achieved.

Mergers and acquisitions became progressively prevalent in today’s dynamic environment as organizations seek strategic growth and competitive advantage. Consequently, these events often trigger significant changes in the structure and functioning of the IS, leading to the need for restructuration projects.

To reach the research goals, a qualitative methodology approach utilizing a case study methodology and interviews will be employed. The selected case study organization will have undergone an M&A event followed by an IS restructuration project. In-depth interviews will be conducted with key stakeholders involved in both the M&A event and the later IS restructuration project. These interviews will provide rich insights into the experiences, perceptions, and interpretations of organizational members during the sensemaking process. The qualitative analysis of the interview data will involve thematic analysis to find patterns, themes, and categories related to sensemaking and its relationship to the M&A and IS restructuration.