Housing in Turku

On this page, a step-wise overview is shown of how to apply for housing in Turku during your semester in Finland.

Student Village Foundation (TYS)

Most of the international students in Turku get an apartment through TYS. All their housing locations are either within walking distance from the campus or easily reachable by public transport. You should apply for an apartment 3 months prior to the start of the lease period. So if you arrive in January you should apply at the beginning of October. You will receive an offer from TYS somewhere in November. For more information and pictures click here.

Step 1: Register to TYS

Students can register on the TYS website in order to apply for student housing in Turku.

When applying for a room in TYS, students can register as exchange students.

Step 2: Receive housing offer

Around October, students that applied for student housing at TYS, will most likely receive an offer for one of the locations.

Student Village East (Iltakajo) is a bit further from the city center, but has direct bus connections to the university and the center. A lot of international students find housing here.

Student Village West (Yo-Kylla) is located near the city center, and is in walking distance of the university. There are a lot of international students living here.

Students must accept or decline the received offer as soon as possible. When declining an offer, it is important to note that you will only receive one more offer from TYS. When declining the second offer as well, it is not possible to find housing with TYS.

Step 3: Provide and sign requested documents

After accepting the TYS offer, students will be contacted via email. It is important to hand in all requested documents filled out and signed as soon as possible after receiving them.

Step 4: Communicate arrival date

It is important to communicate the arrival date with TYS, in order to make sure the previous student has left the appartment. 

Upon arrival, students can pick up their key at the information desk situated in the student village. Welcome!