Housing in Aix-en-Provence

On this page, a step-wise overview is shown of how to apply for housing in Aix-en-Provence during your semester in France. 

Cité Université Estelan (CROUS)

CROUS is a dormitory that houses mostly international students, and for French students with a CROUS scholarship. Prices will be around €1300 for the full semester (September to December). For more information and pictures click here.

Step 1: Receive offer for Crous Student Housing

The internal relations office of IAE will send an official invitation on behalf of Crous Université Estelan to all IMMIT students. 

It is important to accept or decline this offer as soon as possible. When students accept the official housing proposal, it is important to read and understand the occupancy conditions for Crous.

Step 2: Payment of the rental fee

After accepting the housing proposal and agreeing to Crous' occupancy conditions, you will have to pay a reservation fee. 

Via Crous, students will be able to pay the €100,- reservation fee.

When the reservation fee is paid, students must notify Crous Université Estelan with their INE number. A personal INE number is created when registering on Mes Services.

Step 3: Provide and sign requested documents

Within 5 days following the payment, students will receive an email for the constitution of the admission file, with the list of requested documents. All these documents will need to be signed, and are as follows:

    • List of documents to be signed: Rules of Procedure.
    • List of documents to provide: Rental insurance at the address of your housing proposal covering your occupation, Private Life Liability Insurance, Identity Card or Passport and a Rib.

These pieces will be deposited on a website, which will be communicated with the students in the email.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment for key pick-up

After all the administration is settled, students will need to schedule an appoitment directly with Crous Université Estelan to pick up their housing key. 

Upon arrival, students can register at the counter in the Estelan building, where an employee will provide the key and show the students around. Welcome!